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Deeptha Vivekanand

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  • Ever After Learning is a storytelling company that works to promote the use of stories and storytelling across learning environments in schools, workplaces, homes and community centres. 
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Storytelling Experience

One day, as I sat at my cubicle staring into my computer screen the word 'storytelling' caught my eye. "That's something I'm familiar with", I thought to myself. "Why, I don't remember a day without listening to stories from my grandmother." Stories of gods and kings, ogres and humans, aunts and uncles, warriors and scientists. Twenty five years hence, I could recall with great detail not only the contents of the stories and the messages they carried, but everything associated with it: the place I sat at, the smell of the furniture, the colour of the room, my grandmother's voice and expressions...everything came rushing back in a big gush. I was amazed at how this word could trigger a flood of memories in an instant. There had to be some magic!

The year was 2009; my personal life was going through a rough patch and I wanted to break-free. I knew I wanted to do something on my own; something creative, something refreshing, something mad, something that would make a person say, "You're doing what now?" I decided I would become a storyteller. I took lessons from some big names in the field and learnt the nuances of voice, language, and expression. I took refuge in the stories I told and listened to. Storytelling helped heal my wounds and get me going. There was no more looking back.

The more I learnt about the art and science of storytelling, the more I became drawn to it and the more convinced I was about its power as a teaching device. I set up my storytelling company, Ever After Learning in 2013 and turned entrepreneur to help people and businesses connect better with their worlds by harnessing the power of story. 

I see my life as a product of the stories that make me and in someone else's story, I see a little bit of myself.


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Here's What I Do

Professional Storyteller | Educator | Storytelling Consultant | Entrepreneur

  • The Bangalore Storytelling Society is a not-for-profit collective of professional storytellers in Bangalore who, regardless of their independent storytelling practices, have come together to work towards reviving the art of oral storytelling.
Ever After Learning

This Is My Story

  • I began full-time storytelling in 2009, taking stories to schools and activity centres. In 2010, I went to the Singapore International Storytelling Festival and attended oral storytelling workshops by Margaret Read McDonald and a Digital Storytelling Bootcamp by Barrie Stephenson. I have also attended, performed and conducted workshops at festivals in Thailand and Chennai in the recent past.